Opis RiOne

RiOne is a compact data logger for relative humidity and temperature. The device is dedicated to measure humidity and/or temperature in chambers, refrigerators, incubators, laboratories, during transport. The advantage of this solution is the possibility to choose the humidity and/or temperature measuring element depending on the application needs – the probe can be detachable (on a cable or integrated with the device). RiOne device may be used as humidity data logger, temperature data logger or humidity and temperature data logger. Depending on the version, the RiOne data logger can be battery powered or using an external power supply.

Schemat połączenia RiOne

( 1 ) – service interface

The RiOne data logger has a UART service interface, which is used to change device parameters (time setting, data logging interval, …) and read measurements data stored in the device memory. Communication between device and PC (free, dedicated software APConfig PC) is is possible with the use of CODAP-UART – USB programmer which is powered directly from the USB port of the PC. The APConfig PC software also enables the export of measurement data to an Excel file.