Temperature, humidity and CO2 transmitters



APONE devices enable temperature measurement using digital temperature sensors or resistance sensors type (PT100, PT1000). APONE transmitters can be used to measure temperature in rooms (wall-mounted versions), in chambers, refrigerators (wired versions) or in ventilation ducts (duct versions).

APONE temperature transmitters with digital interfaces (RS-485 or Ethernet) is great solution for air temperature monitoring in HVAC systems, BMS systems, where the Modbus protocol is widely used. The industrial analog outputs available in selected models can be used in traditional air parameter control systems in offices, production halls, warehouses, laboratories, ...




APONE carbon dioxide (CO2) transmitters may be used to control the air quality in buildings, including warehouses, production halls, offices, schools, hospitals, cinemas, ... Various versions of CO2 transmitters, popular Modbus interface and analog outputs enable the integration of devices with HVAC systems or BMS.

Combi version of APONE transmitters additionally enable the measurement of relative humidity and air temperature. One of the main advantages of APONE transmitters is the simultaneous measurement of the three main air parameters by one device.



APONE humidity transmitters are dedicated for relative humidity measurement and also air temperature measurments in HVAC, BMS and EMS. The humidity and temperature transmitters produced by APONE have the function of psychrometric calculations (dew point temperature, absolute humidity, …).

APONE humidity transmitters may be used to monitor air parameters in offices, laboratories (climatic chambers), warehouses and production halls. Modbus protocol available on these devices allows them to be easily integrated with the automation systems in these buildings. Various variants (wall-mounted, wired, ducted versions) allow user to choose the right humidity transmitter for each application.




Measuring devices offered by APONE include not only temperature, humidity or CO2 transmitters. APONE also offers devices for the measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOC / VOC), particulate matter (PM), atmospheric pressure, differential pressure, air flow or analog signals (current and voltage).

All APONE measuring devices are designed to work with the RS-485 (Modbus RTU) and Ethernet (Modbus TCP) interface. The main advantages of these devices are programmable analog outputs, easy parameterization of devices, high accuracy of measurements (highly accurate, detachable measurement probes).

SiOne is a flagship series of programmable transmitters for air parameters control (including humidity, temperature, CO2, VOC, PM, delta P, atmospheric pressure). The transmitters work with an RS-485 (Modbus RTU) or Ethernet LAN (Modbus TCP) network interface.

PiOne are miniature transmitters of relative humidity and / or temperature with a digital RS-485 interface (Modbus RTU). The devices are suitable for measuring air parameters in climatic chambers, refrigerators, rooms, as well as ventilation ducts.

LiOne are Ethernet transmitters for relative humidity and/or temperature measurements. It is an ideal solution for air parameter monitoring systems in building automation. The popular Modbus TCP protocol offered by LiOne makes it much easier to implement the device in BMS, EMS, HVAC systems, using the existing Ethernet infrastructure.

MiOne is a series of programmable transmitters with an LCD display dedicated to measure relative humidity, temperature and analog, voltage and / or current signals. Each transmitter has an RS-485 network interface (Modbus RTU) and two programmable relay outputs.

RiOne is a compact relative humidity and/or air temperature logger. The device is used to register measurements of humidity and temperature in climatic chambers, refrigerators, incubators, incubators (laboratory equipment).

WiOne are wireless transmitters for measuring relative humidity and air temperature with the measurement recording function. These data loggers may be used to control humidity and temperature in production halls, warehouses, laboratories and museums.

TiOne is a series of cost-effective relative humidity and air temperature transmitters. The device is dedicated to monitor air parameters in BMS and HVAC systems.

DiOne is a series of transmitters measuring relative humidity, temperature, CO2 concentration and other air parameters. The device has a graphic LCD display that allows to display the current values.

ZiOne are multi-channel transmitters for measuring analog signals (0… 10 V, 0… 20 mA or 4… 20 mA) or temperature using external PT100 resistance temperature sensors. ZiOne transmitters, with wire communication (RS-485 Modbus RTU) and / or wireless communication (Radio 868 MHz), are an ideal solution for HVAC systems, BMS systems, air parameters monitoring systems, etc.