LiOne Design

The LiOne device has an Ethernet communication interface (Modbus TCP) for communication with a master device (e.g. PLC, HMI or PC). A DC-JACK 5.5 / 2.1mm power connector is embedded in the housing. Depending on the version of the device, it has an integrated measuring sensor, a connector for a measuring probe or a wired measuring sensor. The table below shows the basic components of the LiOne transmitter.

LiOne Design





The exact size and location of the sensor depends on device version

Communication Terminal

RJ-45 connector for Ethernet LAN connection

Power connector

DC-JACK 5,5/2,1mm - V+ (inside), GND (outside)

Be careful when connecting the device. Incorrect connection may damage the device and/or damage other devices that are connected to the device or system.
All connections must be made when the power is off!