kopia kopia Opis WiOne Master

WiOne Master is a receiver designed to work with WiOne wireless humidity and/or temperature transmitters. WiOne Master communicates with other devices using the 868 MHz frequency band. The main task of the receiver is to receive measurement data from humidity and temperature transmitters and send these data to the host HVAC or BMS system. Various […]

Opis DiOne

DiOne can be humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, differential pressure, carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOC), particulate matter (PM) and/or Analog signal transmitters (it depends on the model). Settings of the device (LCD display configuration, Modbus parameters, etc.) can be modified through USB programming unit, PC software or Modbus interface     ( 1 ) […]

Opis TiOne

The TiOne series is an inexpensive HVAC transmitters for temperature, relative humidity or temperature & relative humidity. Various models of TiOne transmitters are available including wall and duct sensors. TiOne transmitters offer one or two analog outputs (depending on model).     ( 1 ) – analog outputs (up to 2): 0…10 V TiOne transmitters […]

Opis WiOne

WiOne measures relative humidity, temperature and other parameters, additionally it can store measurements on internal memory. Wireless communication is one of the basic advantages of the device. Receivers that communicate with the data logger wirelessly in the 868 MHz frequency band, enable the connection with the industrial network RS-485 (Modbus RTU) or Ethernet (Modbus TCP) […]

Opis Sens-P

Sens-P transmitters for pressure and differential pressure measurements, are dedicated to work with devices with analog inputs. Sens-P is a high accuracy, configurable measuring tool. Sens-P transmitters are high quality devices with a favorable price/quality ratio. An unquestionable advantage of the device is the possibility of quick configuration and installation (the housing is equipped with […]

Opis Sens-H

Sens-H probes for relative humidity and air temperature measurements are dedicated to work with selected APONE measuring devices (transmitters, data logging devices, …). The probes are extremely accurate – ±0.8 %RH / ±0.1 ⁰C. Each Sens-H probe is delivered with a calibration certificate. Additional advantage of Sens-H probes is the possibility to conduct multi-point adjustment […]

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