ZiOne Description

Depending on the version transmitter from the ZiOne series is used to measure, analog signals in the range of 0 … 10 V, 0 (4) … 20 mA or signals from resistance temperature sensors PT100 / PT1000. The device has four independent measurement channels, thanks to which it allows to connect four sensors with an analog output (voltage or current) or four PT100 sensors simultaneously. By using the programmer (CODAP-RS485) and the configuration program (APConfig PC [ZiOne]), the user can change the device settings (including among other: change settings regarding data transmission, etc.).

( 1 ) – RS-485 interface (Modbus RTU)
( 2 ) –Wireless interface (Radio 868 MHz)

Each Zi-One transmitters has an RS-485 (Modbus RTU) comunication interface used for comunication with a master device (e.g. PLC, HMI or PC). Selected models of the transmitters are additionally equipped with a radio module enabling wireless communication in the 868 MHz band (to work with the transmitter it is required to use an appropriate radio receiver, which is available in the company’s offer). ZiOne devices can be used in HVAC systems, BMS systems and air parameters monitoring systems (thanks to the use of, among others, ADAPS or IDAPS proprietary software).

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