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ADAPS is a PC application (for computers with Windows) for monitoring systems, which allows visualization of measurements (map of objects (labels on graphics), tables, plots), data archiving (measurements, alarms, events) and alarming (also via e-mail). Due to its functionality and versatility, the ADAPS program is ideal for budget as well as complex monitoring systems with multiple measurement points. ADAPS software is available in four variants:



Free version of ADAPS software, designed to work only with one device (monitoring up to 9 parameters). Besides this limitation, ADAPS [DEMO] has all the features of ADAPS [STANDARD].



The most popular version of the ADAPS system that supports up to 200 measuring devices with an RS-485 (MODBUS RTU) and/or Ethernet (MODBUS TCP) interface. Data from measuring devices, information about alarms and events are saved to * .CSV files on the disk.

ADAPS [STANDARD] has additional functions, including alarming about exceedances or errors in communication (including e-mail messages) and generating test alarms (also e-mail messages). Data is represented in the form of the so-called “Site maps”, display tables and charts. The advantage of the program is the ability to add users with different access rights to the program.

ADAPS – widok panelu MAPA
ADAPS – MAP panel view ADAPS – PLOT panel view





ADAPS [WWW] is an extended version of ADAPS [DATABASE], which generates (with a specified time interval, eg every 15 minutes) a static website with a table containing current measurement values and alarms. The automatically generated page can be sent via FTP to any hosting. The advantage of this solution is the fact that it does not require a dedicated server, but only a standard hosting and any domain or subdomain.

  ADAPS – ONLINE – przykładowy widok strony wygenerowanej przez ADAPS [WWW]

ADAPS – ONLINE – sample view of the page generated by ADAPS [WWW]




ADAPS Viewer

ADAPS Viewer is an inseparable part of the ADAPS [DATABASE] and ADAPS [WWW] applications, which enables the visualization of current data and the reports generation from archived data stored in the database. ADAPS Viewer is delivered free of charge with the appropriate version of the ADAPS application. The program’s main advantage is its ease of use, which is appreciated by users. Most of the settings are yesen from the project in ADAPS ([DATABASE] or [WWW]) so that the reports generated by different system users are consistent.


ADAPS Viewer – podgląd bieżący
ADAPS Viewer – main window ADAPS Viewer – archival data
ADAPS Viewer – przykładowy raport w formacie PDF
ADAPS Viewer – sample PDF report


Summary of ADAPS versions:

Number of devices 1 200 200 200 200
Save to files yes yes yes yes yes
MySQL database no no yes yes
HTML generation no no no yes
IDAPS compatible no no no no yes
Functionality + ++ +++ ++++ +++++
System requirements + + + ++ +++
Cost 0 $ $$ $$ $$$
Additional costs Hosting / domain

(~ 50 PLN / year). You can use the company website

IDAPS Cost, Dedicated Server
Typ aplikacji

Desktop application (PC, Windows)

Liczba wspieranych urządzeń

Multiple devices (also in network)

Kompatybilne urządzenia

Devices with Ethernet Interface (Modbus TCP), Devices with RS-485 Interface (Modbus RTU), DiMod displays, MaxMod modules, MiMod transmitters, SiMod transmitters

Wizualizacja pomiarów

Combining devices into groups, Indicators with measurements, Labels with results on bitmap (object map), Measruements charts, Tables with measurements


Configuration via application, Email / SMS*

Rejestracja danych

System data logging

Rejestracja zdarzeń

System alarm logging, System event logger


Manual report generation (Table/Graph)

Dostęp (użytkownicy, hasła)

Access levels, Multi-user, Password protect

Dodatkowe funkcje

Stay up to date

Call or write

Contact by phone or email

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