Opis Sens-H

Sens-H probes for relative humidity and air temperature measurements are dedicated to work with selected APONE measuring devices (transmitters, data logging devices, …). The probes are extremely accurate – ±0.8 %RH / ±0.1 ⁰C. Each Sens-H probe is delivered with a calibration certificate. Additional advantage of Sens-H probes is the possibility to conduct multi-point adjustment in the future, which guarantees high accuracy of measurements throughout the entire period of use.

(1) – digital interface (with a checksum)
(2) – digital interface (Modbus), analog outputs (0… 5 V, 0… 10 V, 0… 20 mA, 4… 20 mA), relay outputs

Sens-H humidity and temperature probes communicate with other APONE devices (transmitters, data logging devices, …) using a digital interface, with a checksum. Measurement probes can be connected to devices directly or by using appropriate cables, 1, 2 or 5 m long (depending on the cable).

Sens-H probes accuracy

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