PiOne configuration

Use the RS-485 interface line to program the transmitter. During programming, supply the transmitter with voltage in accordance with the device specification. The colors of the power supply wires and the RS-485 interface are presented in the table below. The CODAP-RS485 programmer and APConfig PC configuration software can be used to program the transmitter.

YellowRS-485 A
WhiteRS-485 B

Be careful when connecting the device. Incorrect connection may damage the device and/or damage other devices that are connected to the device or system. All connections must be made when the power is off!

The device is programmed via RS-485 (MODBUS RTU) and all rules (chapter Communication protocol) apply to the RS-485 interface. Programming unit CODAP-RS485 is seen in Windows as a virtual COM port. Some versions of Windows may require the installation of drivers for the programming unit.