Opis WiOne

WiOne measures relative humidity, temperature and other parameters, additionally it can store measurements on internal memory. Wireless communication is one of the basic advantages of the device. Receivers that communicate with the data logger wirelessly in the 868 MHz frequency band, enable the connection with the industrial network RS-485 (Modbus RTU) or Ethernet (Modbus TCP) and communication with the automation system, HVAC system, BMS system or dedicated ADAPS or IDAPS software.

(1) – RS-485 interface (Modbus RTU) or Industrial Ethernet (Modbus TCP)

WiOne data logger has special algorithms that automatically start data logging only when there is no communication with the receiver. Each device has ability to set a unique address in the network, assign to a selected subnet (you can create system subnets and assign devices to them), set the channel used for transmission and operating modes (standard and with extended wireless communication range). In addition, the WiOne data logger has a UART service interface connector, dedicated to configure the device and read the data stored in the memory. The service software is provided free of charge.

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